HandReaders Control Access to Venetian Macau Construction Site

Hand-geometery readers provide biometric solution for access control, timecard

"The portability of our solutions is a key selling point," adds Yuen. "Site entrances are temporary and often moved every three to four weeks. Our turnstile solutions are made to be easily towed from entrance to entrance and site-to-site.

"With the HandReader turnstiles, the construction company can now directly pay all workers, whether they have been hired by subcontractors or not, eliminating potential contract disputes and giving construction companies greater control over their budgets," Yuen continues. "They also have daily access to accurate reports about overall payroll costs. The HandReader terminals also ensure that every person entering a construction site holds a valid safety card and has completed an eight-hour mandatory safety training class.

"What's more, the HandReaders prevent 'buddy punching,' a practice by which one employee punches the timeclock for a coworker who is late or absent and put a lid on the not-uncommon practice of simultaneously punching in at two different construction sites. The cost savings to companies from those two issues alone are enormous, accounting for between 3 to 5 percent of overall payroll costs," Yuen emphasizes.