Smart-Tek Begins Work on Security and Surveillance System for Vancouver High-Rise

Royce Biomedical Inc. today said its operating subsidiary, Smart-tek Communications Inc., has begun work on the security and surveillance system for the ICON building In Vancouver, B.C.

The company was awarded CDN$300,000 for the project, which includes supplying and installing the low-voltage system consisting of the telephone/data backbone to the buildings, CATV wiring, an integrated proximity access control, elevator access control, intercom and digital CCTV system.

The company's close-captioned TV (CCTV) systems and high-resolution pan/tilt cameras are designed and installed to be programmed and digitally recorded, said Stephen Platt, vice president of SCI, "providing effective tools to assist in the detection and prevention of possible terrorist activities. Law enforcement agencies can utilize the information gathered, together with facial recognition software, to identify potential suspects," Platt said.

The 26-story ICON building is owned and developed by Concord Pacific Group Inc. Royce Biomedical is changing its corporate name to Smart-tek Solutions Inc. and has launched its new corporate website at The name change is anticipated to take effect on July 14, 2005.