Viisage PROOF to Be Integrated with Cross Match's Fingerprint Technologies

BILLERICA, Mass. -- Viisage, a leading provider of advanced technology identity solutions, announced today it has joined forces with Cross Match Technologies to integrate the Viisage PROOF(TM) product with Cross Match's fingerprint offerings. The integrated technologies provide governments and commercial businesses with a solution for strengthening the process of vetting a claimed identity before granting a secure credential or privileges, such as access to buildings and secure networks.

The Viisage PROOF product provides an extensible platform to address identity verification needs in different industries. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), which is driving the U.S. federal government market requirements for integrated fingerprint biometric capture and analysis as part of the identity proofing process for federal employee secure credentialing, is expected to benefit from the expanded Viisage-Cross Match solution.

The technology combination enables the seamless capturing of photographs, fingerprint biometrics using Cross Match's 10-print FBI certified fingerprint biometric capture device, I-9 breeder documents, and on- and off-line demographic data. An identity is first analyzed using the Viisage PROOF analytics engine, which authenticates all breeder documents and validates identity data. The data, including the fingerprint images, can then be submitted for FBI background checks and/or stored on smartcards for use in accessing privileges, such as building entry or computer network logon. Viisage and Cross Match have recently entered into a non-exclusive agreement to make this identity proofing solution, and other future joint solutions, available to customers worldwide. In future solutions, the companies plan to combine Viisage face recognition and Cross Match one to many fingerprint matching capabilities.

"The partnership formed between Viisage and Cross Match demonstrates the expanded go-to market strategy we are pursing to reach all industries that are looking for a state-of-the-art identity proofing solution," said Jim Ebzery, senior vice president of customer solutions at Viisage. "The synergies between our technologies, our sales teams, and services teams should enable us to continue to bring leading solutions to new markets."