U.S. Bank Selects Gets New Access Control Card System

U.S. Bank, the sixth largest financial holding company in the United States, has selected I-Sys Corporation and Pacom Systems, Inc., to handle a replacement and expansion of its nationwide access card security system. The project will make it possible for more than 40,000 U.S. Bank employees to use a single access card to enter over 75 card access facilities across the U.S. and Canada, including the U.S. Bank Center, a 420-story office building in Milwaukee, Wis.

With almost $200 billion in assets, U.S. Bancorp is the sixth largest financial holding company in the United States. The company operates 237,783 banking offices and 4,654,877 ATMs in 24 states. The project adds 15 new card access locations to the more than 60 existing access card managed banking facilities.

The U.S. Bank/I-Sys Corporation project used multiple Pacom 1057 centralized control panels and more than 600 of the 1064 card reader interfaces to replace a legacy access control system for building and elevator access control. The integrated system panels are also networked through U.S. Bank's central station using Pacom's GMS software, which improves system management, event reporting, and operator flexibility. The system upgrade has already resulted in a savings of both operator time and equipment expense for U.S. Bank.

"U.S. Bank has worked with Pacom products in the past and we are familiar and pleased with their reliability and system integration capabilities," said Rose Szczech, security systems manager for U.S. Bank. "Managing access to all of our bank and office locations is an important part of U.S. Bank's overall security operation. We are always interested in applying the latest technology to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs."

"I-Sys Corporation has a great deal of experience in providing security solutions for the commercial banking industry and was able to exceed the service and performance expectations of U.S. Bank with the installation of the Pacom Systems products," said Bill Ohlendorf, President of I-Sys Corporation. "Pacom's ability to easily integrate with other World-Class security offerings made it possible to quickly handle the access card upgrade and make use of existing online security devices."

"Pacom is quickly becoming the company of choice by system integrators that are looking for scalability, reliability and flexibility from integrated security system control and management products," said Andrew Minnikin, President of Pacom North America. "The U.S. Bank project is a great example of how to integrate new access control technology across a nationwide network to ensure that the entire performance and centralized management function protects the assets and employees of U.S. Bank."