BSI2000 Acquires MAXX-NET Access Control System Product and Customer Base

DENVER -- BSI2000, Inc., a developer of high-end security systems for commercial and governmental use, announced today that it has purchased the MAXX-NET entry/exit access control system product and its extensive customer base from New Sytron, Inc./Dorado...

Harper added, "Our plan is to immediately kick off the extensive marketing campaign that we have designed, which focuses on the homeland security market. The goal is not only to extend MAXX-NET marketing efforts into high-end, large sites, but also to move into the smaller-sized, much higher-volume mid-range security market, specifically corporate headquarters and buildings, financial and IT sites, etc. We believe there is a terrific market for a security system that contains components developed by BSI2000 under contract to the Department of Homeland Security. We expect excellent results from the MAXX-NET system, which we have renamed 'SECURUS2000(TM) powered by MAXX-NET.'"

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