Zvetco Biometrics Chooses IBM as a Preferred Technology Partner

ORLANDO, FL -- Best-in-class fingerprint authentication hardware manufacturer and network security solution provider Zvetco Biometrics today announced it has joined IBM's PartnerWorld Industry Networks. Through this partnership, Zvetco leverages IBM's sales, marketing and technical expertise to develop and deliver on demand solutions that meet customer requirements for biometric solutions and multi-factor authentication in the security industry.

"Partnering with IBM applies Zvetco's technology advantage in fingerprint authentication and biometric security to the healthcare, finance and government markets. Zvetco offers IBM customers strong multi-factor authentication and encryption technologies for secure access control, as well as powerful identity theft prevention," said Zavi Cohen, CEO of Zvetco Biometrics. "Zvetco's solutions are securing some of the most critical customer sites in the world, from government agencies to healthcare providers. We're proud to join IBM in providing the same technical advantages and expertise to IBM customers facing the same issues."

Zvetco's biometric software provides users with the ability to encrypt and protect files, and securely log on, helping to prevent unauthorized access and identity theft. The Company's award-winning Verifi(TM) line of biometric fingerprint readers incorporates the most advanced fingerprint reader scanning technology into ergonomic computer peripherals -- distinguished in their metal construction, performance and reliability.

"We are pleased that Zvetco has committed to IBM as a partner of choice and achieved optimized status in the PartnerWorld Industry Networks program," said Buell Duncan, general manager, ISV & Developer Relations, IBM. "Collaborating with Zvetco will ensure that we develop open, enterprise biometric solutions that are easy to maintain and cost-effective for customers across different industries."

Zvetco's fingerprint readers are powered by the industry's leading biometric software, Verifi ID Manager(TM). Scalable and flexible, Verifi ID Manager supports multi-factor authentication and is available in a desktop version as well as a client-server version, making it suitable for corporations, power users and consumers alike. The biometric software provides "One-Touch" Windows sign on as well as "One-Touch" Single Sign On (SSO), for access control to secure Web sites, local and network based applications.

Zvetco Biometrics fingerprint readers work with all IBM desktop and laptop PCs. Zvetco hardware and software provides a biometric solution for authentication involving legacy equipment, and can be integrated with IBM's new biometric-enabled PCs. This is particularly beneficial for enterprises adopting biometric security policies that must work with existing equipment as well as new technology investments. The following Zvetco Biometrics products are now available through IBM.

Verifi P3400 and P4000 Fingerprint Readers
With more than 100,000 units successfully deployed around the world, Zvetco's standalone USB fingerprint readers are proven, reliable, workhorses intended for the rigors and demands of the business world. Utilizing AuthenTec's AES4000 sensor, the most successful fingerprint technology in the market, Zvetco's fingerprint readers offer the highest performance, reliability, safety and convenience in the market.

Verifi ID Manager
Verifi ID Manager is an affordable and reliable identity management and password replacement system that provides multi-factor authentication, role-based authorization, and administration capabilities (AAA) -- preventing unauthorized computer or network access and much more. Easy to use yet powerful, Verifi ID Manager is customized for consumers (single user) and enterprises (client/server version), and supports multi-factor authentication to define logon strategies for each access point, and for each user class. Verifi ID Manager offers "One-Touch" Windows logon as well as Single Sign On (SSO) access control, facilitates encryption to protect files, manages log on credentials and applications -- securing access to your data and helping prevent identity theft. Use requires Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP Pro or XP Home edition.

IBM PartnerWorld Industry Networks
The IBM PartnerWorld Industry Networks provide ISVs with comprehensive business insight, technical resources, networking opportunities, and marketing and sales support designed to help them reach more customers and close deals faster. Participants in the PartnerWorld Industry Networks can team with IBM to bring on demand solutions to market more easily and to ensure these solutions meet specific industry needs, reflecting how customers buy technology today. ISVs who have attained one or more Industry Optimized competences have successfully integrated with on demand IBM infrastructure software and hardware and demonstrated success with customers in the industries they note.

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