Gunnebo Wins Order to Supply Border Security

The Gunnebo international security group, has booked an order from France’s Sagem SA, to supply the fully automated ImmSec immigration security gate to five English airports.

The immigration security gates will be installed at Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Stansted airports. The order is based on the contract signed by the French high-tech company Sagem SA to supply Britain’s Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) with its security system based on iris scanning for automatic immigration control (IRIS). In this case, ImmSec will incorporate biometric identification of the iris scanning type from Sagem SA and technically sophisticated video-based individual control from Newton Security Inc., an American security company.

Gunnebo Entrance Control has an exclusive agreement with Newton Security Inc. covering its unique, highly secure and effective control system that permits only one person at a time to pass through the ImmSec gate. ImmSec can be integrated with MRTDs (machine readable travel documents) – biometric and electronic passport reading systems.

“Thanks to our very close co-operation with both Sagem and Newton Security, we have already been able to test two ImmSec units at Heathrow airport, and the successful outcome of the tests has now resulted in orders for further units worth some MSEK 5,” says Göran Gezelius, Gunnebo’s President and CEO. “We believe there is great potential also to supply ImmSec immigration gates to other types of border control post, harbours and railway stations. World wide market amounts to around 3,000 immigration gates in airports only”

“We believe ImmSec has considerable potential at government offices and companies that need to combine a rapid flow of people with a high measure of security,” explains Rob Wheeler, President of Gunnebo Entrance Control. “All biometric identification requires the passport to be pre-programmed, but in return it allows for extremely rapid passage at immigration points and control stations for those individuals who have biometric passports.”

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