Department of Defense Awards Multimodal Biometric Contract to Ultra-Scan

Identity management solutions company lands contract for biometric system

As part of the contract, Ultra-Scan will design a prototype recognition system (both hardware and software) that will be able to capture biometric data for positive identification and verification. In order to produce a high confidence multimodal biometric system, Ultra-Scan will partner with the following industry leaders:

-- Viisage - Identity solutions including face recognition technology

"Customers in both government and commercial sectors are seeking more advanced systems to accurately identity people, and the combined solution we are forming through the partnership with Ultra-Scan will demonstrate the power of successfully integrating our two technologies to produce a highly accurate multimodal biometric system," said Mohamed Lazzouni, Ph.D., senior vice president and chief technology officer at Viisage. "We expect these types of solutions to open the door for additional research into many other large-scale deployments and into different applications."

-- Panasonic - Iris recognition technology

"Layering different components of biometrics will deliver the most accurate form of identification and authentication attainable," said Tim Meyerhoff, business development manager, iris recognition at Panasonic. "We view our iris recognition technology to be the perfect complement to the other biometric elements going into this research and development initiative."

-- CUBS - Signature analysis

"The sophistication of the technology being poured into this initiative will inevitably produce a flexible and highly adaptable biometric identification system," said Venu Govindaraju, Ph.D., UB professor of computer science and engineering and director of CUBS. "Combining signature, face, iris and fingerprint recognition will be a significant catalyst to introducing additional applications in the biometric industry surrounding financial and 'point of sale' transactions."

The successful design of a high confidence multimodal biometric system will produce low crossover error rates, while being able to effectively operate in either high volume, low security identification and verification settings, or in high security, low volume identification and verification situations.

Ultra-Scan Corporation is an identity management solutions provider serving the healthcare, government and transportation security, and financial markets. The company is online at