Sequiam and Coke Deploy Biometric Access and Tracking Control System at Plant

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sequiam Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary Sequiam Biometrics, Inc. (, a premier provider of biometric technology and services, announced today that it has deployed its Sequiam BioDriver biometric access and tracking control system with Coca-Cola Canners of South Africa.

Africa's leading soft drink vendor is using the BioDriver biometric fingerprint system to track all activity of the independent truckers entering the canning site. The system verifies the identity of any third party trucker entering the site, tracks their time of arrival, verifies inventory pick up and departure time. The driver's details are captured through name, ID, license, transport company, fingerprint and photo. On recurring visits, drivers entering the plant will be recognized by their fingerprint and photo, which is displayed for verification by plant security and recorded in a database. Upon exiting, the driver is again recognized by fingerprint and the security boom is opened automatically producing an un-forgeable, time-stamped and lasting record of all activity on the site which effectively reduces the opportunity for illegal access or on-site fraud.

Shane Griffin, Managing Director for Sequiam Biometrics, South Africa said: "We are excited about our partnership with Coca-Cola Canners of South Africa. Our technology is a perfect fit for this type of environment because it makes the plant more secure, allowing security to monitor who is on the plant at any given time."

Kevin Henderson, President of Sequiam Biometrics added: "Biometrics can make tracking and access control simple, practical and cost-effective. There are no passwords to forget or keys to lose. The Coca-Cola system simplifies ease of use and brings security to a new level. The security office knows at any given time what vehicles are on the property and immediately knows if they are authorized to be there. This information is invaluable."