Head College Implements Use of Zebra ID Cards for Security at Fresno Campus

Fresno, CA -- Heald College, Fresno, a regionally accredited, nonprofit career college, today announced that it will now require students, faculty and staff to use identification cards. With technology as one of Heald's three major program areas (which also include business and healthcare), the administration thought it fitting to adopt this cutting edge approach to maintaining campus security.

Heald College's Fresno campus purchased a Zebra printer so that campus officials can create photo identification cards for all students, faculty and staff on demand. Going forward, every person on campus will be required to have their identification card with them at all times.

"We wanted to make sure the identification cards were easily accessible for students, because it's mandatory to have them or you will be asked to leave the campus," explains Martha Espinosa, Heald's Learning Resource Center Supervisor. "We use the printer about seven to ten times every day, usually to replace lost or damaged cards."

The stand-alone, dual-sided, color printer prints sharp, readable ID photographs, graphics, and text edge-to-edge in seconds. Student identification cards display a color photo of the student on the front, with a graphic of Heald College, along with the student's name and ID number. On the back, important phone numbers are listed, such as the number to call if a student is absent. Staff identification cards display a photo of the cardholder, their job title, the Heald logo, and the college's mission statement on the back.

Espinosa and her staff of seven students use the card printer on a daily basis. She said the printer has been easy to use, and extremely reliable.

"Having the printer located on campus has improved operations at Heald College," she adds. "I can't imagine having to send out for identification cards because it would take days to get them back. It would disrupt our daily activities on campus. It's vital that we have a printer here on campus and have access to it."