Viscount's MESH Chosen for 10 High-Rise Projects

Burnaby, British Columbia - Viscount Systems Inc. -- announced the Company's MESH system has been chosen for a number of new high-rise projects in Vancouver. The systems will be installed by Blue Mountain Technologies of Surrey, BC, and include a full complement of MESH panels, card access, and elevator control.

"Since this summer we have installed three MESH systems and have another 10 projects sold," noted Steve Leach, President of Blue Mountain. "Previously, with the Enterphone intercom line our average Viscount order per project was about $10,000. Now with MESH providing card access and other functions at our upcoming projects this average is closer to $50,000. MESH has gone from an unproven concept to a concept that has been proven to be superior for the benefits it delivers."

Commented Stephen Pineau, President and CEO of Viscount, "With MESH projects booked in most major North American cities, the initial hurdle of limited market presence is evaporating. Just as digital video systems replaced time lapse tape recording in the past few years, the MESH digital security platform is now poised to threaten traditional controller based card access systems."

Viscount Systems Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of telecommunications and electronic door control access systems for the security industry. The company is online at