PCSC Offers New Line of Readers to Certified Business Partners

TORRANCE, CA -- PCSC will offer XceedID access control readers to their certified business partners. The decision comes from identifying that XceedID’s business philosophy matches with PCSC’s to focus on creating value for their partners.

“We are very pleased to have partnered with XceedID. For years we have only been able to offer forward and backward compatible Intelligent Controllers. Now we have the ability to offer forward compatible readers. Our clients can offer tomorrow’s technology in today’s readers without having to upgrade. This is true value,” stated Robert Bayer, PCSC’s Director of Sales & Marketing.

PCSC is focused on taking the industry to the next highest level and working with XceedID is a match for reaching that goal. PCSC will offer the full lineup of combined multi-technology readers. Visit www.1pcsc.com/smartcard for more details.

“PCSC is a leading access control company with global reach. The XceedID PCSC partnership furthers our mutual goal of taking a leadership position in transitioning global companies from older proximity to newer contactless smart technologies. Our collective drive for offering innovative technologies was the impetus for this new relationship,” said John Menzel, President and CEO of XceedID Corporation.

PCSC is a leading supplier of products and services for electronic access control and facility management applications in domestic and international markets. PCSC also offers sophisticated access control management software, integrated video badging, CCTV control, alarm graphics, elevator control and video event recording. PCSC is a subsidiary of TTIK, Inc., and has been in business since 1983. The company is online at www.1pcsc.com.