Global Security Associates' New Service Offered to Help Fix Airline Security

New York, NY -- Assisting in the security screening of all airline and airport personnel is a new program offered by Global Security Associates, called SecurTrac. This new access control service was recently introduced by the company and has already received tremendous response from commercial and private airlines looking for better ways to optimize their security efforts. "This new service will eliminate the need for keeping cumbersome files and eliminate security breaches as all information is stored on the issued security ID cards. This service will make operations run more smoothly and will eliminate confusion," explains William McGuire, president and CEO of Global Security Associates.

The program works by electronically storing pertinent information on the person, the person's occupation, company name, function and reason for being on site. This extra layer of security ensures that the smooth flow of daily operations continues while at the same time tracking the movements of all personnel as they move from one area to the next. The system is also set up to provide or deny of access to areas an employee is not cleared to enter. "This is a very important monitoring device designed to be very unobtrusive and easy-to-use. It runs on a hand-held PDA," states McGuire. SecurTrac comes at a time when a confidential report by the Department of Homeland Security has concluded that there are significant security gaps at our nation's airports. A national newspaper observed the report called for "Fixing serious weaknesses in the nation's aviation security system is critical as passenger traffic rises beyond levels seen before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001."

SecurTrac allows airlines, both commercial and private, to be able to record personnel and security data electronically. This removes some factors of human error that are typically associated with hand written logs and other forms of record keeping. Utilizing this service also ensures the process of keeping our most valued form of transportation performing efficiently at an optimum safety level. "The system also tracks who is getting on the aircraft and servicing it. This has also proved to be a very useful tool for determining if services scheduled to be performed were in fact carried out. Such as scheduled maintenance and cleaning services; who showed up and who didn't," explains Mark Swensen, operations manager for Global Security Associates.

SecurTrac is part of the overall Security Awareness Program; a comprehensive safety approach for the aviation industry offered by GSA and used by its clients including Singapore Airlines, TACA International Airlines, Air Tahiti Nui, Laca International and MAXjet Airways. The program is designed to educate all aviation employees to the security measures needed in a post 9/11 world, the all-encompassing program delivers much needed know-how to an industry particularly vulnerable to security violations. The brainchild of GSA founder and President, William McGuire, the General Aviation Security Awareness Program is beneficial for anyone and everyone working in the aviation field.