LaserCard Corporation Receives Order for Border Crossing Cards

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - LaserCard Corporation, today announced that it has received an order from Anteon Corporation for approximately $6.1 million of LaserCard optical memory cards for use as Permanent Resident Cards ("Green Cards") and U.S./Mexico Border Crossing Cards ("Laser Visas") by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Deliveries of Green Cards are scheduled to occur over the period from February 2006 through August 2006. Deliveries of Laser Visas are scheduled to occur over the period from December 2005 through June 2006. This is the third card-production order received this fiscal year for Green Cards and Border Crossing Cards. Deliveries of these cards are scheduled to begin with the completion of deliveries on previous orders.

"We are pleased to see the continuing success of the Green Card and Border Crossing Card programs using our highly secure optical memory technology," said Richard Haddock, chief executive officer of LaserCard Corporation. "We believe that the DHS commitment to the optical memory card is an endorsement of the technology's unequalled security -- with no known case of optical memory security being compromised." The U.S. government has issued more LaserCard optical memory cards than any other advanced card technology for use in a secure ID card environment.

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