Port of Wilmington, Del., Installs High-Tech Surveillance System

Avantech builds Honeywell, VistaScape system for port's access control, perimeter security and integrated video

VistaScape Security Systems announced today that the Port of Wilmington, Del. has deployed VistaScape's SiteIQ software to automate surveillance, enforce port security policy, and increase the effectiveness of its security staff in responding to and preventing violations. The selection of SiteIQ further extends VistaScape's market leadership in the maritime sector for software-based intelligent surveillance systems.

SiteIQ is part of an overall security upgrade for the Port funded through $1.7 million in grants from the Transportation Security Administration and the Office of Domestic Preparedness. Advantech, Inc. of Dover, Del. is the security integrator for the Port. It partnered with Honeywell to provide and install the integrated video surveillance, access control, and digital video storage solutions.

"The Port of Wilmington is not just satisfied with reaching compliance with security regulations, we want to be a leader and model for other ports around the country," said Randy Horne, Director, Engineering and Maintenance, Port of Wilmington. "This solution will serve as a force multiplier, automatically detecting problems and increasing the speed of our staff in responding to them."

A full-service deepwater port and marine terminal, the Port handles more than 400 vessels per year with an annual import/export cargo tonnage of 5 million tons. It comprises more than 350 acres, including the largest dock-side cold storage facility in North America.

"The Port of Wilmington has implemented one of the most advanced security systems of any port in the world," said Eric Schaeffer, President, Advantech, Inc. "VistaScape provides the management and alerting console to automate surveillance and enforce policy, while the Honeywell video and access control systems represent the leading edge in sensor technologies."

SiteIQ collects sensor data from surveillance cameras and access control stations around the Port and provides a single three-dimensional map display for viewing current security conditions. Using a simple point-and-click interface, security managers at the Port can define virtual barriers and detection rules in SiteIQ. The solution automates monitoring based upon these criteria. Authorities are notified of potential problems via live video of the event to the command center, audible alarms, and alerts to officers on patrol.

The Honeywell Pro-Watch software suite plays an integral role in securing the port. Originally developed for this exact purpose, Pro-watch has achieved a reputation as one of the industry's leading integrated access and video solutions. Pro-Watch integrates with multiple third-party systems, as well as custom interfaces, making it ideal for port security applications. In addition to Pro-Watch, the Port is using Honeywell Video Fusion DVR technology and other closed-circuit television (CCTV) products.

This integration is one of the first between a major access control platform and intelligent video analysis software, allowing for complete information display and response from a single operator console.

"The Wilmington integration is revolutionary for the port security marketplace," said Jeremy Howard, Honeywell director of Global Accounts for Aviation and Seaports. "It combines two diverse technologies into a single platform, which will allow port security to act quickly and decisively during alerts and emergencies. This product combination supports a very highly informed level of response by a port's security organization."

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