UDT Creates Commercial Identity for Its Bacterial Spore Monitoring Systems

Universal Detection Technology has chosen BSM-2000 to be the new commercial name for UDTT's bacterial spore monitors. BSM-2000 continuously monitors air, measures the concentration of airborne bacterial spores, and looks for abnormal spikes in the level of airborne spores utilizing a technology developed in collaboration with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The technology measures the spore-count based on the intensity of the green luminescence of the chemical reaction between a reagent solution and DPA, a chemical specific to bacterial spores.

"Creating a commercial identity including the selection of a commercial name for our anthrax detection units is one of the elements of our new strategy for marketing our product. We have completed the development stage of the first version of our product and are creating a viable plan to efficiently market BSM-2000 in various customer sites," says Nima Montazeri, UDTT's VP of Strategic Development. "Initiation of our marketing campaign is a direct consequence of completing development of the first version of the monitor, which has enabled us to focus our efforts more on sales," added Montazeri.

The Company plans to use the name "BSM-2000" in marketing material, technical brochures, advertising campaigns, and on the spore monitor itself. "This is UDTT's initial roll out of its comprehensive marketing plan," noted Jacques Tizabi, CEO of UDTT. "We hope to brand the bacterial spore monitors internationally to the public and private sectors," Tizabi added.