OSI Systems Lands $8M in Orders for X-ray Personnel Screener

Rapiscan Systems, a division of OSI Systems, announced today that it has received multiple orders totaling approximately $8 million for its Secure 1000 Body Scanner, which is based on proprietary backscatter X-ray technology.

The company began shipping the Secure 1000 units under these orders in the third quarter of fiscal 2005. Shipping is scheduled to continue into the fourth quarter of fiscal 2005 and the first quarter of fiscal 2006.

President of Rapiscan Systems Ajay Mehra stated, "We are pleased to announce these significant orders for the Secure 1000 in the non-aviation sector. Our customers understand the advantages of the Secure 1000 when compared to current trace portal technologies and manual pat-down searches. We intend to continue to grow the market for the Secure 1000's in both the aviation and non-aviation markets. As mentioned on the company's third quarter earnings call, the Secure 1000 body scanner is involved in various aviation security pilot programs, both internationally and domestically."

The Rapiscan Secure 1000 is non-intrusive personnel screening system designed to detect metallic and nonmetallic threat objects, utilizing Rapiscan's proprietary backscatter X-ray technology. The Secure 1000 enables security personnel to detect ceramic, plastic, metallic, organic and other contraband or security threats. The system provides a comprehensive body search in seconds, eliminating the need for intrusive hands-on body searches by security personnel.