Electronic Sensor Technology Receives First Order from China for zNose

NEWBURY PARK, Calif. -- Electronic Sensor Technology, a leading provider of innovative Homeland Security solutions, announced today that it has received its first order from Beijing R&D Technology, based in China, for zNose, its electronic sensor device that can capture and analyze any odor, fragrance, or chemical vapor within ten seconds. In conjunction with the order, the Company appointed Beijing R & D as a distributor for the Province of Beijing. Beijing R&D plans to use the product for environmental and homeland security applications.

China represents a significant potential market for the zNose, as the country has significant water and air pollution problems. The zNose is an ideal tool for solving these problems because of its sensitivity to odors and its rapid response. zNose also has important security capabilities, as it can quickly detect dangerous chemical vapors (toxic and nerve agents) in the air. In order to address these problems prior to the 2008 Olympics, the Beijing Police Force has sent officers to Electronic Sensor Technology's headquarters for additional training.

"We are excited to sell our first units into the Chinese market, as it represents one of the largest markets in the world for our product," said Edward J. Staples, Electronic Sensor Technology's Chief Executive Officer. "The Chinese face many of the same challenges in securing their country as we do in the United States, and with the Olympics less than three years away, we expect the country to focus intensely on security. We believe that the zNose offers unique technology to help protect the country."

Founded in 1995, Electronic Sensor Technology has developed and patented a chemical vapor analysis process. We believe that the Company's product line is positioned to eliminate key vulnerabilities in the homeland security market, specifically in maritime port, airport, and border security applications.