Electronic Sensor Technology Receives Order from European Aeronautic Defense & Space

NEWBURY PARK, Calif. -- Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc., a leading provider of innovative Homeland Security solutions, announced today that it has received an order from the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company's (EADS) Sogerma Services of Colomiers, France for EST's zNose measurement and detection instrument. zNose(R) is an electronic sensor device that can capture and analyze odor, fragrance, or chemical vapor within ten seconds. Such odors include, but are not limited to, explosives, illegal drugs, and flammable materials.

This application with EADS in France represents a significant potential global security market for zNose applications world-wide. EADS Sogerma Services has indicated it will use the zNose(R) as a detector device for screening cargo during the loading process of packages onto commercial private airplanes. The zNose would screen for terrorist-type chemical and explosive threats, as well as for contrabands.

"We are extremely excited about this order because this is the first use of an electronic nose in the aviation security market. This segment represents one of the larger markets in the world for our zNose(R) product," said Matthew S. Collier, Electronic Sensor Technology's President and Chief Executive Officer. "The European Community faces many of the same challenges in security as we do here in the United States. We believe that our zNose(R) instrument offers a unique technology to help protect citizens from serious chemical threats of all kinds throughout the world."