Siemens Delivers Inline Baggage Screening System at Denver Airport

IRVING, Texas -- Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems (L&A), Airport Logistics division, is pleased to announce the substantial completion of the inline baggage security screening system upgrade at Denver International Airport. This major milestone represents a collaborative effort of design, manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning. The $88 million project was completed in 20 months and serves as a showcase for automated baggage security screening.

"This is the most complex 100 percent inline screening project completed and certified to date in North America," says Siemens senior project manager, Mitch West. "We have met our deadlines in a short time frame, and integrated 27 commercial airline tenants into the system with no disruption to airport operations."

The nation's largest 100 percent inline screening project was also delivered in record time. In its unique role as general contractor on the project, Siemens designed, manufactured, installed and integrated more than eight miles of new conveyor to date, spanning four levels of the airport.

"The system performs as designed under the performance specifications which we wrote and the TSA approved," says Ed Currier, assistant deputy manager of aviation for Denver International Airport.

The system is designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency. It is also designed with room for expansion as growth warrants. There are currently a total of 32 Explosive Detection System (EDS) machines integrated into the system; with room for more than 50 machines should additional capacity be required. Denver's baggage handling system is comprised of six individual systems integrated into a sophisticated sortation and screening matrix. In addition to the transport conveyor, Siemens has supplied 100 percent of the programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and electrical components.