Homeland Integrated Security Systems to Exclusively Market Cyber Noze EDS

Asheville, N.C. - Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc. has signed an exclusive marketing agreement for the Cyber Noze - "The Next Generation in Portable Explosive Detection", making the product now available for the homeland security market.

Homeland Integrated Security Systems has the rights to distribute the Cyber Noze which was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Navy. The device is capable of detecting trace amounts of most commercial and military explosives. The Cyber Noze offers non-contact, real-time explosives trace detection.

As part of the agreement, Homeland Integrated Security Systems will be responsible for the marketing and distribution of The Cyber Noze. Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc. has a 30 percent margin on each unit sold at $29,900 per unit. Homeland Integrated Security Systems anticipates the market for the Cyber Noze to be in excess of $50 million in the next three years.

The Cyber Noze employs a novel technology for the detection of explosive vapors that is more sensitive than existing devices. The advanced technique detects the presence of parts per trillion (ppt) of explosive molecules, without physical contact and in real time. The Cyber Noze has a unique "tornado" sample acquisition system which collects samples, ionizes them, and identifies the sample for an explosive. If the explosive is present, the LCD screen will display and identify the explosive and an alarm will sound.