Implant Sciences Receives Order for 101 Handheld Explosives Detection Systems

WAKEFIELD, Mass. -- Implant Sciences Corporation, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of products for national security, medicine and industry, today announced the receipt of a multi-million dollar purchase order from Beijing Ritchie's Time Co., Ltd, the Company's distributor in China, to deliver 101 Quantum Sniffer handheld explosives detection units. We understand that the Quantum Sniffer will be sold to the Chinese Railway Administration for use in a large railway security project in China. We expect the equipment to be delivered during our next quarter. The terms of the purchase order provide for a thirty percent (30%) advance cash payment, which has been received by the Company.

Implant's Quantum Sniffer technology is differentiated from competitive products as a result of being a non-contact device that detects most explosives vapors directly as opposed to hand wiping of all trace explosives particles as competitive products presently do. The Quantum Sniffer products are being marketed for use in the detection of trace residues of explosives material for aviation and transportation security, protection of high threat facilities, infrastructure, customs and border protection, and cargo screening.

Dr. Anthony J. Armini, PhD., CEO of Implant Sciences, commented, "Over the past several months we have focused our efforts on promoting and raising the level of awareness of our Quantum Sniffer explosives detection equipment in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. We believe this first large order placed for our Quantum Sniffer explosives detection equipment is the result of months of hard work by our sales team and are hopeful that we will be successful in receiving continued large awards from targeted domestic and international prospects. In recent times, it appears clear that railways have been targeted for terrorist activities. We believe the deployment of our Quantum Sniffer as part of the China Railway project should provide the Company the ability to demonstrate the capabilities of our technology for possible use in railway security applications worldwide."

Dr. Armini further stated, "Implant is committed to the continued expansion of our distribution network both domestically and internationally to further penetrate the multi-billion dollar security marketplace. In addition, we have expanded our Quantum Sniffer production lines over the last 2 months and we believe we are now ready to manufacture and ship Quantum Sniffers at a rate of approximately 40 to 50 units per month."