GE Security's VaporTracer Explosives Detection Device to Be on Display at AUSA Expo

BRADENTON, FLA. -- GE Security announced its IED-sniffing VaporTracer portable explosives detection device, fresh from duty in Iraq, will be on display at the 2005 Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Exposition (Booth #3747), October 3-5 in Washington, D.C.

GE's VaporTracer is deployed on the ground in Iraq to help detect minute amounts of the explosives commonly used in improvised explosive devices (IEDs). GE will also showcase its Itemiser FX, the first direct-transfer, trace-detection instrument that can be used to simultaneously identify explosives and narcotics from a simple finger touch. GE's EntryScan and Itemiser3 products, widely used at airports and other sensitive and high-risk locations around the world, will also be on display.

"Our VaporTracer continues to play an important role in protecting people and facilities in Iraq," said Tim Mathews, general manager of GE Security's Homeland Protection government and military business. "The VaporTracer's role in helping to protect military forces and civilians in Iraq has frequently been mentioned in Coalition Provisional Authority briefings and we're proud to be showing it at the AUSA Expo this year."

In Iraq, VaporTracer devices are believed to have helped prevent bombings by aiding in the identification of individuals who tested positive for traces of explosives. The device has also been used to help apprehend suspects through bystander screening at bombing scenes.

Designed for on-the-spot answers, VaporTracer is light and mobile enough (7lb/3.2kg) for highly portable operation, yet versatile enough for optimal detection of a wide range of contraband substances. This combination makes VaporTracer particularly useful in the detection of IEDs, which are often disguised as harmless objects. Trace detection with VaporTracer can speed IED screening, potentially helping reduce exposure of operators to hazardous situations.

Also to Be Featured
Introduced two weeks ago, GE's new Itemiser FX is the first direct-transfer, trace-detection instrument designed to simultaneously identify explosives and narcotics directly from a simple finger touch.

In checkpoint settings where large portals are impractical, or where high throughput is required, a simple touch of the Itemiser FX finger pad directly samples and quickly analyzes people for trace particles of explosives and narcotics. Through it's direct and easy sampling method, the Itemiser FX offers the potential for increased security, reduced manpower costs and a faster and more pleasant user experience at correctional facilities, customs and border inspection stations, military checkpoints, government buildings, public transportation stations, high-threat commercial facilities, and sporting and other large public event settings.

EntryScan, GE's revolutionary walk-through explosives and narcotics-detection portal, can be used to quickly screen people for contraband without the need for physical contact. EntryScan, commonly referred to as the "puffer," is in widespread use at airports and other high-risk facilities around the world.

The desktop Itemiser3, the first trace detector able to simultaneously detect both explosives and narcotics can offer a key security advantage, and save time, at checkpoints.