Guardian Technologies Completes Pilot for Explosives Detection Technology in Russia

Company's threat and explosives detection software passes interoperability testing at Moscow airport

HERNDON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 30, 2005--Guardian Technologies International, Inc. (OTCBB:GDTI), a leading technology developer of intelligent imaging informatics (3i) solutions for homeland security applications, announced that its threat and explosives detection software technology, known as PinPoint(TM), has successfully completed interoperability testing at one of the world's fasting growing airports, Moscow's Domodedovo, for operation on baggage x-ray scanning equipment.

Guardian's PinPoint product is the first Intelligent Imaging Informatics solution to successfully complete rigorous the "real-world" testing process at Domodedovo. PinPoint's unique solution provides optimum aviation security by detecting all possible concealed threats in both checked and carry-on luggage. Compared to current solutions, PinPoint provides a level of security not currently available to airline passengers and those responsible for their safety.

"This successful live demonstration of Pinpoint's capabilities establishes the market readiness of PinPoint for large-scale distribution and is the result of over two years advanced research and extensive testing against tens of thousands of images," said Steven Lancaster, Vice President of Business Development for Guardian. "We look forward to continuing our valued relationship with our distributor Fowler International, LLC and our Russia/CIS aviation integration services partner Progresstech as we enter our planned expansion into the Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States marketplaces."

"One of the key business reasons that we selected Guardian as a component of our enhanced aviation security enterprise system was the systematic methodology of the pilot program," said Andre Danilov, Chief of Security for Eastline Moscow Domodedovo Airport. "We felt that Guardian's flexible, but systematic approach directly addresses the needs of our operations and security objectives. Through Guardian's PinPoint technology and approach, we can optimize our aviation security programs enabling our screeners to identify potential threats and provide a safer environment for our traveling public."

"The most difficult part of any project is determining how to streamline a process using both existing and new technologies, factoring in relevant issues such as operational environment and determining what additional areas the installation might impact," said Vladimir Kulchitsky President of Progresstech. "The goal of the pilot program at Domodedovo was to shorten the time between investment and results by testing the effectiveness of the proposed installation before committing massive amounts of time or money to the project. If positive results are yielded, the customer moves forward because their original premise has been validated. If not, steps and strategy can be adjusted before too much time is spent in an effort that may or may not produce desired outcomes. We have seen PinPoint in action and we are moving forward."

"The pilot program clearly differentiates Guardian as a full-service technology provider because we validate the customer's concept before moving forward with a full-blown implementation," added Steve Lancaster. "The program is truly a low-risk, minimal-cost opportunity for aviation security customers who need projects to yield results quickly and efficiently."

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