Security Intelligence Technologies Makes Its 1st Terrorist Trap XR-3000 System Sale

Security Intelligence Technologies, Inc. and its subsidiary, Homeland Security Strategies, Inc. (HSS), today announced that HSS has signed a contract to deliver its first Terrorist Trap XR-3000 full body scanner X-ray system to the Mexican government for use in its prison system. Financial terms of the sale were not disclosed.

The Terrorist Trap XR-3000, for which there is an international and a U.S. patent pending, is manufactured by Adani International ("ADANI") and marketed by HSS under a distribution agreement. ADANI is an Eastern European company with more than 150 medical installations throughout Europe. The system was designed to detect dangerous and/or illegal objects made of both organic and non-organic materials such as guns, knives, plastic and electronic explosives, precious stones, metals hidden under clothes, and narcotics or contraband hidden or ingested in natural cavities of a human. Imaging is instantaneous and can be analyzed during the scan, stored onsite or sent to a central command post.

"Currently, illegally transported metals are detected by electromagnetic walk-through gates or with handheld devices. These systems don't detect plastic explosives, non-metal weapons, vials of gases or liquids or even body stored contraband. Personal examination, often unreliable and time consuming, is frequently employed," states Ben Jamil, Chief Executive Officer of SITG.

"Until now, full body scans were considered health hazards that carried related liabilities. We consider the Terrorist Trap XR-3000 to be safe for examining humans because the x-ray dose does not exceed the natural irradiation experienced during a one-hour airplane flight," states Mr. Brady Geril, VP of Product Management at HSS.

HSS's target market for this and other products within the Terrorist Trap line are inspection and security applications for airports, prisons, border control, government facilities, courthouses, embassies, military checkpoints, border crossings, customs inspection stations, diamond and precious stone companies, and factories and laboratories with proprietary assets.

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