RAE Systems RAELink2 Extends Capabilities of AreaRAE Networks

SUNNYVALE, Calif. ? RAE Systems Inc., a leading global developer and manufacturer of rapidly-deployable, multi-sensor chemical and radiation detection monitors and networks for homeland security and industrial applications, today announced the launch of RAELink2, a long-range wireless communication device that enables the integration of third party gas, radiation, weather, and chemical warfare agent monitors to existing first responder and public venue protection AreaRAE networks.

The inclusion of additional monitoring sensors provides even more comprehensive situational awareness, giving first responders and security organizations the better, faster data they need for life-saving decisions. The RAELink2 can be configured for use with the SAIC-S-CAD, which features dual- detection methods (ion mobility cell and surface acoustic wave), and Coastal Environmental Systems WeatherPak weather station, with others to follow.

RAELink2, used in an AreaRAE network, provides long-range wireless communication for up to 32 remote portable monitors including RAE Systems' AreaRAE, ppbRAE Plus, MultiRAE Plus and MiniRAE 2000 toxic gas and radiation monitors. For applications requiring long-distance monitoring or monitoring in locations with obstructions to reliable radio communications, RAELink2 Repeaters extend the effective reach of the system.

"In addition to providing personal protection to first responders, one of the most critical issues in responding to any terrorist attack or HazMat incident is ensuring that all of the data streams being produced from sensors, existing fixed systems and ad hoc wireless networks are being integrated and analyzed for the best possible decision support," said Bob Durstenfeld, director of corporate marketing for RAE Systems. "RAELink2's robust ability to network a variety of different sensors is critical to first responders and security organizations that must collect and assess the many data streams that affect deployment of personnel, shelter-in-place orders, and other life-critical decisions."

Using RAELink2, first responders can view real-time sensor data and alarm status from a remote command center. The RAELink2 replaces the existing RAELink, transmits up to two miles on a license-free ISM band, and operates for up to 24 hours with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack. For further details about RAELink2, visit www.raesystems.com.