AS&E Introduces OmniView Gantry Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

BILLERICA, Mass. -- American Science and Engineering, Inc. (AS&E), a leader in X-ray detection technology, announced today the launch of its OmniView Gantry Inspection System, the industry's most comprehensive cargo and vehicle inspection system for detecting security threats and contraband.

The new OmniView Gantry is the only relocatable system available today that combines high penetration inspection with multi-view, photo-like imaging for unmatched detection capabilities. Security authorities at ports, borders, security checkpoints, and other high threat facilities can efficiently inspect even the most complex cargo, while maintaining the flow of commerce and maintaining traffic flow at facility or checkpoint operations.

The OmniView Gantry System's scanning platform operates by moving on rails past stationary vehicles and cargo. The compact footprint accommodates limited space in congested areas, and minimizes radiation exclusion zones. The system is bi-directional allowing for a high throughput of approximately 2 trucks per scan, 24 trucks per hour. Multiple views provided by the Backscatter Module allow the operator to quickly and accurately interpret the images, thereby reducing image analysis time.

The OmniView Gantry System utilizes two of AS&E's patented technologies. Shaped Energy technology provides powerful 6.0 MeV transmission X-rays for high penetration into inspected objects up to 350 mm (14 inches) steel. The patented method of shaping the energy spectrum to filter out non-essential radiation makes the system very safe for operators and staff, while providing high energy penetration of densely loaded cargo containers and liquids. The technology eliminates the need for costly infrastructure such as an outer building for radiation safety often required with other gantry systems.

The OmniView Gantry System also utilizes Z Backscatter technology to provide easy to interpret, clear, photo-like images of the cargo under inspection. The relocatable Z Backscatter module provides up to three views left, right, and top-down of objects under examination for organic material detection or "Low Z" materials including explosives, plastic weapons, and drugs.

"We are pleased to offer OmniView Gantry Inspection System, the most effective cargo and vehicle search capability on the market today," said Paul Grazewski, Vice President, Product Management. "The combination of Z Backscatter and Shaped Energy technologies provides the most reliable means of uncovering threatening materials, contraband, and trade fraud in densely loaded vehicles and sea containers. The multi-view OmniView Gantry System accurately and effectively ensures inspections are comprehensive and safe while maintaining the flow of commerce."

In addition, an optional Radioactive Threat Detection capability is available as part of the OmniView Gantry Inspection System for identifying radioactive threats in vehicle and cargo containers. AS&E currently has more than 90 cargo inspection systems installed worldwide.

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