Image Scan Holdings Launches Next Generation Portable Bomb Detection Unit

Image Scan Holdings, a provider of leading real-time multi-view, 3D X-ray imaging solutions for the security and industrial inspection markets, is today formally launching its new TPXi-640 portable bomb detection unit at Milipol - a leading international security exhibition in Paris.

The TPXi represents the next-generation of portable explosive and ordnance detection (EOD) X-ray equipment meeting the needs of the public and private security and military sectors. Offering the largest practical x-ray imaging area in the sector, the light weight, slim profile detector also boasts the best image resolution, contrast and penetration in its class. With additional features such as materials discrimination, normally only associated with large fixed installations such as airport baggage inspection systems, the TPXi units are designed to give the operator the greatest probability of detecting potential threats from explosive, chemical or even biological sources.

With the interests of the end-user always foremost in the design, the TPXi system incorporates many advanced features such as secure wireless communications and battery powered operation providing for rapid deployment in any location. The light weight detector and x-ray source are easily maneuvered and operated even if the user is dressed in bulky protective clothing.

The EOD market represents a significant opportunity for the company with current estimates for the sector size exceeding $595 million by 2009 for the USA alone and greater than $1.2 billion for the world wide market.

Nicholas Fox, Chief Executive of Image Scan Holdings plc, commented: "This represents a significant development in the security technology sector. Given the terrorism threat is evolving continuously with ever diverse means of attack, undue pressure is being placed on conventional X-ray inspection systems. We believe the future lies in flexible, transportable, high resolution systems that can be used in any physical environment. The company is excited by the market opportunities for this new, competitively priced, product."

Incorporating a number of unique technological features, the TPXi enables objects to be fully scanned even if they are close to solid surfaces consequently increasing the accurate identification of items and reducing false alarms. The company is currently in advanced talks with its first potential high volume customer for TPXi units.

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