Pelco by Schneider Electric

Pelco Announces PelcoFiber Transmission System

Today's security professionals are being challenged by an ever-increasing number of installations where quality, bandwidth and distance requirements are simply beyond the reach of standard coaxial and CAT5 transmission capabilities. Pelco feels that the very high level of reliability and performance being demanded of digital networks and site-to-site communications systems has required a fresh look at transmission technologies. For these reasons, Pelco is pleased to introduce the PelcoFiber Series fiber optic transmission system for video and data.

Pelco offers an all-digital, 8-bit video/data transmission solution with PelcoFiber, which is specifically designed to accommodate the high-quality, high-bandwidth, high-reliability requirements of security systems. Best of all, PelcoFiber transmitter/receiver units are compatible and can be easily and quickly set to work with the industry's most popular multi-protocol transmission formats.

PelcoFiber transmitters and receivers also make use of an efficient universal design, allowing in most cases for units to function as a stand-alone product, or to be mounted with a standard rack system. This adds installation flexibility for the dealer/installer and helps reduce the need to order stock redundant units. Additionally, Pelco offers high-density 4-camera modules that fit the power of four transmitter/receiver units within the same space of a single standard unit. And, of course, we offer Single-mode and Multi-mode versions of each PelcoFiber product, allowing the ultimate in installation/application efficiency.

With coaxial systems, video/data begin to degrade when transmitted beyond 300 meters. But with PelcoFiber, we offer exceptional 20dB signal strength and can easily transmit multi-mode video/data for as far as 4 kilometers with no loss of image clarity or quality and no amplifiers.