ETCON Releases New Structured Wiring Center Featuring 110-Phone Distribution Block with 2050 Mhz Splitter

ETCON Corp. has announced another structured wiring center for organizing voice, data and video in the "Connected Home". The new DD1X1 modular wiring device with 110 phone distribution for up to 4 lines now features an 8-way 2050 MHz splitter. The result is the most organized, economical and efficient phone and video structured wiring center. The DD1X1 provides push down connections up to 48 stations or phone home runs comprising of 12 cables for each incoming line. The wiring block is internally bridged so no bridging clips are needed. The new 8-way 2050 MHz splitter accommodates up to 8 CATV cable runs. The block provides for labeling to make cable identification easy. The DD1X1 measures 7.25" x 7.50" x 1".

The DD1X1 phone and video distribution device retails for $40 each or lower, depending on volume. This and other ETCON wiring devices are available from over 5,000 electrical distributors.

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