NVT Introduces 568B-Compliant, RJ45 Video-Input Passive Hubs

Network Video Technologies (NVT) has introduced a full range of passive video transmission hubs featuring RJ45 connectivity that are specifically designed for installers specializing in implementing digital-ready structured cabling systems in accordance with structured cabling standard EIA/TIA 568B. These new RJ45 video-input passive hubs let end-users and installers employ new or existing unshielded twisted pair wire (UTP) to deliver a high quality picture while cutting costs and simplifying installation versus standard coaxial cable.

"Installers are increasingly demanding a 568B standards-based connectivity solution," emphasizes Guy Apple, Vice President of Network Video Technologies (NVT). "They want the quickest, most modern way of connecting NVT equipment within their cabling plant so we designed our product range with RJ45 connectivity."

The new NVT 568B-compliant, RJ45 video-input passive hubs now let installers standardize their structured cabling in accordance with 568B wiring protocols, reduce installation time, and fully prepare the plant wiring for future digital systems when desired.

The NVT hubs deliver implementation flexibilities for installers, who can select among the 8-channel NV-813J, 16-channel NV-1613J, and 32-channel NV-3213J rack-mountable hubs with RJ45 video inputs for passive-to-passive multi-channel applications under 750 feet and passive-to-active multi-channel applications up to 3000 feet.

According to Apple, these new hubs solve problems that installers face on a daily level. Coaxial cable is more difficult to install than UTP wire in most video transmission applications, resulting in higher labor charges and larger quotes for customers. In addition, coax systems do not comply with structured standards-based protocols such as 568B while UTP wire does. Contrary to coax, NVT's UTP video solutions also provide an ultimate migration pathway to an all-digital solution.

NVT exhibited the new RJ45 hubs at the ISC West Exposition, Booth 16085, in Las Vegas, April 6-8.