9 Corp Introduces Theon Surge Suppressor, Ground Transient Protector

9 Corporation (www.9corp.com)and Vortex Technologies strategic partnership has established a new standard for electrical transient and surge suppression for fire and security alarm systems and equipment. The Theon is the only point of protection device that offers true 3-line (Live-Neutral-Ground) protection in a convenient, cost-effective package. Prior to this breakthrough there was no way to protect Live, Neutral, and Ground with a single product. The Theon technology, driven by demand in the fire and security industries to keep ground "clean", uses continuous attenuation to filter out interference on the ground line caused by a myriad of external influences and power quality issues.

The Theon is built upon on 9 Corporation's own UL-recognized GTT technology which works by opposing changes in electron flow on the ground wire while not compromising intrinsic ground safety. Additionally, the Theon utilizes multistage non-degrading surge suppression along with common-mode filtering to eliminate power surges and sags. The multi-stage surge suppression circuit has an active response time of less than one nanosecond while maintaining continuous high frequency filtering on ground, extremely beneficial when protecting sensitive microprocessor-based fire and security equipment.

Applications include fire and security systems, alarm and security panels, digital video recorders (DVR) and security cameras, biometric equipment, and access control systems (protecting any microprocessor-based electronic device ensuring the utmost in reliability, clarity and quality performance).

The Theon is easily installed or retrofitted into any existing fire or security alarm system or panel and is available in two models. The model INL08000 is a hard wired version that provides screw terminals for interconnection. The model INL08001 (available August 2005) is a line-corded version allowing easy connectivity to PC-based systems.

Model: Theon 120V (AC surge suppression) Continuous Operating Voltage
(Vrms) = 130V Peak Surge Current = 65kA
A3 Ring Wave
Live-Neutral = 70V
Live-Ground = 130V
Neutral-Ground = 130V (static)
B3/C1 Impulse Wave
Live-Neutral = 210V
Live-Ground = 230V
Neutral -Ground = 380V (static)

120 VAC with maximum 15 amp continuous current rating (details of 240 VAC 10A version are available on request). Standard Operating Temp -20 to +70 degrees C, Surge life >100000Hrs Ground attenuation between 50 kHz to 2.0 GHz, Weight: 23.98 oz. L=7.87 inches, W=3.94 inches, H= 1.97 inches