IFS Expands EtherNav Product Line with Serial Data to Ethernet Converter

GE Security, the parent company of International Fiber Systems and manufacturer of IFS fiber optic transmission equipment, has announced the expansion of its EtherNav product line.

This new EtherNav series, the DED2500 is an Ethernet Data Converter that effectively converts common standard serial data protocols such as RS-232 and 2-wire or 4-wire RS-485 to Ethernet data so that it may be transported on an Ethernet network. Additionally, the unit can provide media conversion while performing Serial to Ethernet function. This data protocol is commonly used in many of the most popular access control systems and for many PTZ camera control systems. By utilizing Ethernet data versus common serial data, a facility's Ethernet network can be used as the signal transmission backbone, eliminating the need for separate wiring to provide signal transmission. The output of the DED2500 Series can be 10/100TX electrical or 100FX optical using multi-mode and/or single mode fiber optic cables.

As the move toward IP (Internet Protocol) transmission becomes more accepted, signal transport over Ethernet becomes essential and the DED2500 allows an existing installation's legacy equipment be used without replacing with new Ethernet protocol equipment.

"The DED2500 is viewed as the Ethernet based alternative for the very popular D1000 Series point-to-point fiber optic data transceiver," said Robert Gallagher, GE Security Director of IFS Product Engineering. "IFS has sold thousands of D1000 models over the years and as the acceptance of Ethernet becomes greater, the same functionality the user received from D1000 will be available from the new DED2500."

The introduction of this new product further reinforces GE Security's commitment to the next generation of IP based security solutions. The DED2500 can be used with any Ethernet transport system, but was designed to increase the usefulness of legacy products when used with the EtherNav managed switch in a VLAN.

The EtherNav DED2500 was designed from the ground up to be mechanically and environmentally hardened for use in unconditioned environments. It has passed the rigorous tests and meets the CALTRANS and NEMA test standards. Many of the current competitive models available are not designed for more demanding outdoor and factory installations.

"The IFS EtherNav DED2500 Series is designed for use in today's modern Security, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Industrial Control applications where monitoring and control are taking place in centralized locations," said David Sinise, ITS Sales Manager. "These applications are extremely sensitive to variable delays and network congestion, which are unavoidable on a shared Ethernet network."

All models of the EtherNav Series are FCC and CE compliant and have an operating temperature range of between – 40 degrees C to + 74 degrees C.