Newtrax Develops Wireless Node Device

Newtrax Technologies Inc. ( developed a WN-100 Wireless Node device for low power, long range and robust multihop wireless mesh network applications. The WN-100 Wireless Node is designed to operate up to several years on batteries, communicate in harsh environments with line-of-sight range up to 500m, monitor onboard or external sensors, and control external actuators. Onboard sensor options include temperature, acceleration, vibration, shock, tilt and light sensors.

In addition, the Newtrax 100% self-contained plug-and-play remote monitoring and control solutions include the additional benefits of a) low costs for configuration, installation and maintenance of both communication and power networks b) monitoring of sensors in dynamic or hazardous environments where wires are not an option c) reduction of system downtimes caused by faulty wire connectors or connections.