PCS Introduces Timed Event Controller as Part of PulseWorx Product Line

PCS (Powerline Control Systems, Inc), a Northridge, Calif., based manufacturer of lighting control products announces a new product addition called the TEC to its PulseWorx product line. The TEC, a programmable timer to automatically control PulseWorx lighting devices at preset times provides lighting automation without the need for an expensive home management system.

"For consumers who simply want the convenience of having certain lights come on at different times of the day, the TEC is the answer", explains Stan Mann, PCS VP and Director of New Business Development and Licensing. "It provides an affordable automated lighting control solution for people who don't need a full fledged home automation system."

The TEC is part of PCS's PulseWorx line of residential lighting control products that utilize the patented UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) technology. The TEC can be programmed with 20 individual events, which can occur between once a day to once a year. Based on geographic location, a built-in astronomical clock can automatically adjust for sunrise/sunset, leap year and daylight savings. All programmed data is protected by non-volatile memory and can only be changed or deleted by reprogramming, regardless of power outage durations. A computer is used to program the TEC but scheduled events can easily be disabled from any UPB transmitter.

All PulseWorx products, including the new TEC are sold through Authorized PulseWorx Dealers, Wholesale Distributors, and professional integrators. For more information, visit www.pulseworx.com.