Speco Technologies Introduces New Ceiling Tile Speaker

Speco Technologies' new Ceiling Tile Speaker is the perfect solution for commercial sound applications that require speed of installation, aesthetics and superior sound performance.

With the newly released 8-inch 70/25V 2-foot by 2-foot Ceiling Tile Speaker (SP-CT8/T), installation is lightning quick and easy requiring only the connecting of speaker wire to the unit's push-button terminals then selecting the proper wattage setting on the transformer dial, then just lay the speaker in an established drop-ceiling. Countless time, and money is saved by the efficient installation-friendly design eliminating the labor-intensive task of cutting mounting holes in ceiling tiles. This is usually required for standard speaker installations.

The speaker's smooth vent-facade design blends seamlessly with any commercial drop-ceiling environment and provides an ample gateway for wide sound dispersion. This visual design is matched by the high performance of the SP-CT8/T's flat frequency curve and wide response range.

Made of durable components and furnished complete with a support crossbar rail, the SP-CT8/T will provide countless years of reliability and sound performance.