S2 Security Corporation Releases New S2 NetBox

S2 Security Corporation (S2) has announced the availability of S2 NetBox version 1.1. Version 1.1 contains a wealth of new functionality aimed at enhancing the user experience and increasing the ease with which installers can remotely diagnose and resolve networking issues. Like all S2 NetBox software updates, version 1.1 can be automatically installed from the "MyS2" area of the company's Web site.

S2 NetBox is the first product to offer integrated video surveillance, access control, alarm monitoring, temperature monitoring, and intercom as a network appliance. By leveraging the power of IP networking for all of its functions, the S2 NetBox offers a truly scalable system solution at a price below comparable systems. Significant new features available in S2 NetBox v1.1 include:

  • Simplified camera configuration - presets and other camera settings are now accomplished from within the S2 NetBox user interface, making the setup experience much easier;
  • Enhanced network utilities - new features make it possible to diagnose network problems using a Web browser, allowing diagnosis to be performed remotely;
  • Extended alarm monitoring system - new alarm monitoring system and the browser-based Alarm Monitoring Desktop integrate alarms, access control events, and video;
  • Automated system - wide update - allows all S2 NetBox components to automatically update software over the LAN or the Internet, reducing onsite maintenance costs.
  • Users interact with the S2 NetBox through a Web browser, making it unnecessary to install or maintain software on any PC server or client - a feature that S2 calls "zero-footprint software install". The S2 NetBox's network connectivity and browser-based user interface also make the system completely independent of geography, enabling users and system integrators to monitor, control and maintain the S2 NetBox from any computer at any time. Because the browser interface looks and operates much like a web site, users adapt to it with almost no training.

    "The added features in S2 NetBox version 1.1 help further our goal of offering the industry all the functionality of a high-end, integrated security management system without the traditional cost, installation and maintenance barriers," noted John L. Moss, President and CEO, S2 Security Corporation. "The scalability of the product and its inherent cost advantages will ultimately make "big software" security systems obsolete. This trend, already prevalent in Europe, is now emerging in North America."

    S2 NetBox Version 1.1 is available through the company's network of systems integrators and approved OEMs.
    Those interested in carrying the S2 product line should email sales@s2sys.com or call (781) 237-0800, x222. For more information visit www.s2sys.com.