TAC Presents Xenta 527 Graphical Interface

TAC, a leader in building IT, security systems and energy solutions, has presented its latest security product offering, the Xenta 527.

The TAC Xenta 527 is a web-based graphical interface to access TAC's I/NET Seven high-performance security system and TAC Vista, an open system building management solution from TAC. Using a standard web browser, operators have easy and secure interface into both systems. Web pages are based on standard Internet technology and provide access to system status, events, trends, alarms and graphics. Operators can control points and handle alarms from both systems through custom graphic pages or browse the systems via the intuitive Explorer-like view. TAC Xenta 527 is an ideal low cost web solution for small to mid-sized systems, easily handling as many as 1,000 I/NET points.

Xenta 527 provides I/NET Seven customers all the benefits of a Web-based system, including 24-hour access to monitor alarms and modify reports from any location with Internet connection. I/NET Seven is a flexible, reliable, security and energy management solution for integrated, interoperable building management, including access-initiated control, powerful reporting, scalable software, CCTV and video badging capabilities, and critical alarm monitoring. I/NET Seven's backward compatibility protects all earlier investment in the legacy system. Using TAC Xenta 527, all these advantages are available through a Web-based graphical interface providing unlimited access through the Internet or intranets.