Lenel Announces OnGuard 2005

ASIS International, Dallas, Texas, Booth # 2124, September 27, 2004 - Lenel Systems International, a global leader in the development of integrated security systems for commercial markets, announced a new edition of its award-winning OnGuard product suite. OnGuard 2005 expands the offerings of Lenel's Total Security Knowledge Management Solution to include a broad range of enhancements to the company's solutions portfolio, including real-time digital video content analysis, plug-and-play IP camera integration, support for iris identity and ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technologies, multi-channel audio recording, in-line smart card encoding and a cardholder escort feature.

"With OnGuard 2005, Lenel continues to strengthen its market leadership position by pushing the concepts of innovation and open systems to new heights," said Rudy Prokupets, Lenel's Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Research and Development. "This new release demonstrates our ability to continually venture into entirely new realms to maximize the total security experience for the customer, while offering optimal performance, flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness."

Lenel will be demonstrating the OnGuard 2005 solution in the company's booth at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International 2004 trade show, September 27-29 in Dallas.

Digital Video Management
With the release of OnGuard 2005, Lenel brings to market a number of groundbreaking advances in the area of digital video management.

OnGuard IntelligentVideo. OnGuard IntelligentVideo is a cutting-edge solution that offers real-time digital video content analysis-the ability to recognize, analyze and classify information in live and captured video.

OnGuard IntelligentVideo's applications include intelligent motion analysis (such as detection of the direction and speed of specific objects, object tracking, and distinguishing between objects of interest and the motion of leaves or rain/hail/snow), a virtual trip wire for perimeter control, facial detection at entry points, people counting, three-dimensional tailgating detection, behavioral analysis (such as loitering, crowd detection and line control) and detection of abandoned and removed objects.

OnGuard IntelligentVideo is the most powerful and reliable video content analysis tool available today, yet it is very simple to use. System operators configure parameters for generic events such as Facial Detection or Removed Object. OnGuard IntelligentVideo then sends alarms to OnGuard Alarm Monitoring stations when those custom-calibrated events occur. OnGuard IntelligentVideo's capabilities can be customized for an unlimited number of specific applications and environments.

"IntelligentVideo allows you to not just do video surveillance, but to also perform intelligent, automated video analysis," said Mr. Prokupets. "It's much less error-prone and provides a much higher level of reliability than does human interpretation. With intelligent object recognition, classification and analysis, the ability of a system to automatically respond to real threats is becoming much more of a reality."

A total security solution that includes digital video provides much more meaningful information than a standalone digital video application can. OnGuard IntelligentVideo is the only solution on the market that is seamlessly integrated with access control and alarm monitoring, delivering the kind of comprehensive solution that today's complex business environments demand. OnGuard IntelligentVideo brings a whole new level of intelligence, efficiency and cost savings to enterprise security systems, reducing manpower requirements and increasing the overall level of security in an organization.

OnGuard OpenCapture. OnGuard OpenCapture is a revolutionary new feature that offers the ability to integrate any industry standard IP camera into the OnGuard platform without software programming (i.e., plug-and-play). The camera vendor creates a simple configuration file for the camera. OnGuard then automatically creates the user interface for that camera, based upon the configuration file.

By providing the ability to integrate any industry standard IP camera, OpenCapture gives customers a myriad of choices that other vendors' solutions do not offer, and reaffirms Lenel's commitment to open architecture. OpenCapture also adds flexibility to the OnGuard solution by making available the unique features offered by different camera manufacturers.

OnGuard Audio(tm). In previous releases of OnGuard, the Lenel Digital Video Recorder (LDVR) supported only one channel of audio. OnGuard Audio is a new option that expands the flexibility of the LDVR by providing 16 channels each of audio and video. OnGuard Audio offers synchronized audio/video recording for each channel on the recorder.

Identity Management
In-Line Smart Card Encoding. Using OnGuard 2005, system operators can encode (customize) contactless smart cards during the encoding phase of the badge printing process. In previous releases, only magnetic stripe cards could be encoded during badge printing. OnGuard 2005 supports both MIFARE and iCLASS encoding technologies, as well as the Nisca PR5300 and the Magicard Rio and Tango direct card printers. Access control, demographic and biometric data can be encoded for use in a multitude of security applications.

Iris Identity Integration. OnGuard 2005 integrates iris identity technology, offering a new way of controlling physical access to an area by authenticating the identity of individuals previously enrolled into an OnGuard system. Iris identity integration is configured and managed as part of the OnGuard ID CredentialCenter application. Iris data capture is performed at an OnGuard cardholder enrollment station. The iris template is stored with the cardholder record in the OnGuard database, and is also encoded on the individual's contactless smart card during the encoding phase of the credential printing process. The requirement that both card and biometric information readings be made before access can be authorized provides an added level of security when verifying access using the OnGuard system. LG Electronics has adopted Lenel's OnGuard OpenCard smart card encoded information standard. OnGuard 2005 has integrated complete enrollment and encoding support for LG Electronics' Iris Access system using HID iCLASS technology.

Ultra-Scan Integration. Ultra-Scan Corporation has also adopted the OnGuard OpenCard standard. OnGuard 2005 offers fully-integrated enrollment support for Ultra-Scan's ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technology, which is designed for use in ultra-secure or non-traditional applications (gloved hands, for example).

The OnGuard OpenCard standard, which was introduced in the OnGuard ET Third Edition release, is the industry's first non-proprietary, open standard for the information encoded on smart cards. It offers users the opportunity to achieve hardware and system independence, and creates a specification for true smart card interoperability across all systems and applications for which smart cards are used.

Access Control and Alarm Monitoring
Advanced Two Man Rule. OnGuard 2005 enhances the Two Man Rule feature, which requires that a minimum of two people be present in a given area at a given time. The system can now be configured to require that those two people be of a specified type (managers, for example). The feature follows the first in, last out rule in that other authorized individuals cannot enter or leave an area unless the initial two people are occupying the area at that time.

Escort Feature. The Escort feature allows system administrators to configure a cardholder's access privileges to require an escort (a cardholder with valid escort privileges) in order to gain entry to a given area. The Escort feature is location-specific; a particular cardholder might be an escort for one area but need to be escorted into a different area.

Area Access Management
Lenel has made usability enhancements to its very popular OnGuard Area Access Manager application, including improved filtering for cardholder searches, more intuitive configuration wizards and an improved report generation interface.

Third Party Hardware Support
In keeping with Lenel's pledge to open architecture and to integrate industry-leading third party devices and applications, OnGuard 2005 adds Ericsson PBX support. This integration enables the OnGuard system to place and cancel calls, display events when a device is placing a call, and link events to OnGuard actions, among other capabilities.

OnGuard 2005 also integrates support for Honeywell's Galaxy series intrusion panels. In addition, the new release supports secondary annunciation from Tateco fire alarm panels to the OnGuard Alarm Monitoring module.

Platform Support
OnGuard 2005 has been designed to exploit the capabilities of the Windows 2003 Standard and Enterprise and the Windows XP operating platforms. OnGuard 2005 supports the industry-leading database management systems, including Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Oracle Server 9i and MSDE. Supported system failover software includes Legato Co-StandbyServer AAdvanced, Legato Replistor with Automated Availability Modules, Microsoft Clustering and NEC Express Cluster.

About Lenel
Lenel Systems International, Inc. is a global leader in the development and delivery of scalable, integrated systems for the commercial security market. Lenel's unique vision-its Total Security Knowledge Management Solution(tm)-consists of seamlessly integrating synergistic technologies through open architecture. The company's award-winning family of products, Lenel OnGuard(r), is a comprehensive yet ever-expanding suite of applications, encompassing access control, alarm monitoring, credential management, intrusion detection, asset tracking, digital video management, visitor management, remote administration, IT security, biometrics, mobile enterprise, and smart card functionality. With more than 10,000 system implementations in 75 countries, Lenel solutions have become the preferred choice of such security-conscious organizations as Cisco Systems, LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy and Newark Airports, Microsoft and the United States Navy. Lenel is headquartered in Rochester, New York, with sales and support coverage in all major world markets. More information about Lenel and its products can be found on the company's web site at www.lenel.com.