Avery Dennison Launches New Additions to the Avery Photo ID System

Avery Dennison's office products group is launching new products and software to enhance its Photo ID System at the American Society of Industrial Security

Avery Dennison's office products group is launching new products and software to enhance its Photo ID System at the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) International 2004 Seminar and Exhibits. In response to customer needs, Avery Dennison has significantly expanded its range of ID badge supplies and accessories, introduced a new version of its software and is poised to announce new business alliances that support the Avery Photo ID product platform.

The Avery Photo ID System, which was introduced at ASIS International 2003, provides businesses, governments and other organizations with an easy to use visitor management system for registering and tracking visitors. The system allows front lobby personnel to register visitors quickly and efficiently, produce high-quality color photo identification badges, keep a digital record of all facility visitors and maintain a more professional entrance or lobby. Organizations that use paper visitor log books can easily upgrade to this color identification and digital record-keeping system.

At ASIS International 2004, the world's largest security event, Avery Dennison is introducing the next version of Avery Photo ID Software. New features make visitor registration even faster, easier and more efficient. Version 2.0 of the software supports a new OCR card reader, which enables attendants to scan a visitor's driver's license or business card and automatically import his or her photo and information into a visitor profile. To save time at meetings, conferences and events, guests can also now be pre-enrolled using the new List Import Wizard.

"The Avery Photo ID System provides us with an efficient and cost-effective way to keep track of visitors to our facility," says Nancy Wolf, senior facilities manager of Macromedia, Inc. "With the Avery Photo ID System, we now have an easy to use visitor management system that provides us with an accurate way to log and track our visitors, and a more professional alternative to our previous paper-based log book."

The Avery Photo ID Software works with most Microsoft(r) Windows-based PCs and desktop ink jet and laser printers and has a suggested retail price of $375. A complete System Kit makes it easy for any organization to quickly and easily convert from a paper log book to an electronic visitor management system. The System Kit includes Avery Photo ID Software 2.0, a starter pack of Avery Photo ID Badges and Holders, Web camera, barcode scanner and USB hub, and is available for a suggested retail price of $995. The new OCR card reader can be added to the system and has a suggested retail price of $749.

In addition to the Photo ID Software and System Kit, Avery Dennison offers a wide range of Photo ID badge supplies and accessories including self-adhesive badges, card stock badges and holders, and self-laminated badges for use with standard ink jet or laser printers. Three new products will be introduced at ASIS International 2004 to enhance the line: Photo ID Self-Expiring Badge Labels, Photo ID Fold & Clip Badges, and Photo ID Thermal Badges for the Avery Personal Label Printer.

The new Photo ID Self-Expiring Badge Labels visibly change color in one day, allowing companies to easily identify expired badges. The labels can be used with any Avery Photo ID Badge, thereby providing an additional level of visual identification.

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