Bosch Security Systems introduces the Eazeo Digital Observation System

Fairport, New York -- Bosch Security Systems introduces the Eazeo Digital Observation System. Eazeo is ideal for applications where monitoring and recording is required, such as shops and small businesses. Eazeo is supplied as a complete, easy-to-install system that allows users to see exactly what is happening at critical places in and around their property.

Up to eight cameras can be installed to cover the required locations. Images from the connected cameras are displayed on the system monitor, which can be placed in any convenient location such as an office or reception area. Views from the desired camera can be selected instantly, or different camera views can be displayed by auto-sequencing with pre-set dwell times. The optional multiplexer monitor allows simultaneous, real-time display of images in a four- or eight-camera matrix display for at-a-glance monitoring of whole sites or areas.

Eazeo cameras can also respond to the system's built-in video motion detection with automatic camera activation and selection if any movement is detected in a defined zone on the image. Eazeo can also respond to external alarm signals from PIR motion detectors or other kinds of sensors. Event replay further enhances the user's ability to see and verify exactly what is happening, using both pre- and post-alarm images that are automatically recorded when an alarm is triggered. Eazeo also provides an optional, high-quality digital video recording function, which is virtually maintenance-free. This allows uninterrupted recording for as long as a week or more with no need for video cassettes that have to be changed frequently. Thanks to the system's digital recording technology, any part of a recording can be retrieved and viewed virtually instantly with the easy-to-use search utility. Search by date and time, camera number or external events such as alarms. Recorded images or video clips can be easily transferred to a PC for storage and viewing using the recorder's built-in card slot for Compact Flash media.

A range of cameras is available to meet the needs of any application from a wide-angle camera for monitoring large areas to a camera with a tele-lens can be selected for smaller, more defined areas. Cameras are also available in color and black-and- white models, indoor and outdoor versions, as well as covert and weatherproof options. The Eazeo system is supplied complete with one or more cameras, monitor, cables and hardware. A wide range of accessories are available to add the functions required for specific situations and applications. An action box is available, which allows external units such as doors to be actuated remotely from the monitor position. A slave monitor is also available for viewing camera images at an additional location.