Software House Announces New Controller to Advance Enterprise Security

Lexington, Mass. -- Software House, part of the Tyco Fire & Security Access Control and Video Systems business unit, announced the release of iSTAR Pro, its latest access control panel. iSTAR Pro provides customers with a lower total system cost, a simpler installation process, and enhanced reliability.

Drawing from the original controller's technology, which won acclaim in the IT industry for its network compatibility, the new iSTAR Pro utilizes only two circuit boards. Reducing the number of circuit boards and interconnections ultimately enables simpler installation and a more reliable security system. Additionally, because there are fewer parts to install, the total system cost is reduced.

"We initially installed the iSTAR Pro controller in May as part of a pilot program. We are rolling out our security procedures to our new buildings, and want to make sure we are using the very latest technology," said Wayne Smith, Vice President of Synovus. "iSTAR Pro's new design definitely decreases the time needed to install the system, and lets you get back to the business of administering security."

With its new instant database backup and restore capabilities, iSTAR Pro provides a more reliable security solution. This new feature protects a business' critical security data, even in the case of communications failure.

"iSTAR Pro represents an important milestone in our ongoing efforts to provide a world-class network controller at a competitive price," said Paul J. Piccolomini, vice president of Research and Development of Tyco Fire & Security's Access Control and Video Systems. "iSTAR Pro is a testament to our continued innovation and dedication to meeting our customers' needs."