Fargo Electronics Unveils Print Security Suite

New technology is designed to safeguard issuance of identity cards

Fargo Electronics, Inc., a global leader in secure technologies for card identity systems, today introduced Print Security Suite, the first product under the umbrella of its new SecureMark technology. SecureMark is a technology platform designed to help reduce an organization's security vulnerabilities by safeguarding the issuance of their identity cards.

"When you consider the potential loss of time, money and even lives that are possible by the issuance of a single false credential, you can see it's critical to protect the issuance of a card as well as to provide a secure card itself," said Gary Holland, Fargo's President and CEO.

"Organizations worldwide are facing unprecedented security threats from both internal and external sources. And most organizations are taking measures to improve their security. But an area of vulnerability is the threat of someone creating false credentials within a legitimate card identity program. Fargo's Print Security Suite is evidence of our commitment to help organizations reduce that vulnerability. By helping to protect the issuance of the credential, it adds another layer of security to the overall program," continued Holland.

The first of a planned series of security solutions utilizing Fargo's new SecureMark technology is Print Security Suite. This is a group of five user-friendly software applications that help secure, control, monitor and maintain card identity systems.

Print Security Suite is available only from an authorized Fargo SecureMark integrator, who registers the product with Fargo and activates the applications to the exact specifications of the user. For added security, the applications of the Print Security Suite are enabled through ribbons available only through the authorized SecureMark integrators and Fargo.

"By monitoring and controlling the SecureMark-enabled ribbons, we've greatly reduced the risk of fraudulent cards being produced in the case of a stolen or misappropriated printer," said Alan Fontanella, Fargo's head of product marketing for printer media. "Without the specific supplies that are part of the users' secure program, the printer won't operate. This helps ensure the authenticity of the IDs created by a SecureMark printer."

The applications included in the Print Security Suite are:

Password Control: As the first line of defense in this security suite, Password Control offers security managers the ability to set passwords that are required to make the printer/encoder operational. This function reduces both internal and external threats of fraud or misuse by automatically disabling a stolen or illegitimately accessed printer.

Print Notification: This tool allows users to customize the authorized hours of a printer's operation. Unauthorized printing, even if the proper passwords are used, can trigger an instant e-mail or text message notifying the system manager of a print event outside the designated hours.

Security Imaging: Using Fargo's new blue Fluorescing Ribbon, the Security Imaging application adds covert security features such as customized logos and unique numbers to ID cards. While difficult to detect in normal settings, these covert features are viewable under ultraviolet light. The covert number also provides critical forensic data, including the date, time and location a confiscated ID card was printed.

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