Silex Introduces Physical Access System Using Optical Fingerprint Reader

Silex Technology America is launching the FPA-70 fingerprint physical access system with an optical fingerprint reader in Q4 providing secure authentication for door access control, and time and attendance management.

The FPA-70 is designed to enhance fingerprint based security of corporate and government enterprises. It can be used as a standalone physical access controller, or it can be networked, providing IT managers with centralized control of all physical locations.

The FPA-70 uses an optical sensor that scans at 500 dots per inch resolution providing sensitive authentication with a false rejection rating of 1-3.3 percent and a false acceptance rating of 0.0001 - 0.001 percent. Authentication can take place in less than a second with the door opening in less than three seconds. The durable optical sensor shows verification on both a wide LCD monitor and voice message feedback to ensure authentication and status.

Additionally, the standalone system includes anti-threat alarms that sound when the device is illegally damaged or detached from the terminal-locking down the entryway of the location. It also provides centralized enrollment for 1,200 different individuals and registration of up to three fingers each.

"The FPA-70 provides additional value add to our desktop and mobile computer fingerprint readers by giving system integrators the ability to provide an enterprise wide secure access and authentication system to protect their important information," said Gary Bradt, vice president of silex technology america biometric division. "This is especially true of data sensitive sectors such as healthcare, financial institutions, and government."

The FPA-70 is a rugged fingerprint device that can be managed over a network for many other applications including those for bank vault guards, military firearm access control, prison management, healthcare insurance, aviation and transportation security, lunch payment, and time and attendance management. SDK development packages are available for customized applications of the FPA-70. Other key features of the FPA-70 include:

- Windows CE system that allows easy initial set-up and customization
- Flexible shift set up for temporary employees or visitors
- LCD Monitor with fingerprint image and condition feedback
- A watch dog mechanism that keeps the terminal running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
- A built-in alarm system for illegal damage or detachment from terminals
- Remote monitoring of door/lock status
- Multiple fingerprint matching modes. The FPA-70 provides fingerprint matching for up to three fingers for 1,200 different users
- Voice verification of fingerprints

The FPA-70 will be available during the fourth quarter of 2004 with an initial MSRP of $2,499. Contact silex at or by calling 866-765-8761 for more information on availability. All silex products are available through silex resellers nationwide. silex products and specifications sheets are available upon request.

Later this year, silex will introduce the FCO-200, a standalone optical fingerprint reader for use with everyday fingerprint authentication and split- second IT identification needs. It will provide secure and convenient login of computers and networks replacing pin codes and passwords.