Honeywell Introduces WIN-PAK 2005 Access Control Software

Honeywell has introduced the WIN-PAK 2005, the newest addition to the company's comprehensive access control software line. WIN-PAK 2005 provides innovative tools to monitor entrance security and perform reporting and administrative tasks. The new edition includes 30 new features to help accelerate configuration and other daily tasks, while making the program easier to use.

"Honeywell is committed to continuously upgrading our integrated security solutions," said Patrick French, product manager for Honeywell. "With WIN-PAK 2005, there is more automation built in, making the system and its operators more efficient."

WIN-PAK 2005 enhancements include:

  • A credential frequency report that, among other things, allows the user to identify security credentials with no activity, reassign access levels and delete credentials from the system.
  • Automatic notification via email of when an alarm has been tripped.
  • An expanded Quick Start Configuration Wizard, an option previously featured on WIN-PAK 2.0 that allows quick configuration and ensures program accuracy.
  • Fusion DVR Integration, which offers premium video quality and the ability to synchronize video with access control events and alarms.
  • WIN-PAK 2005 also supports several access control panels including the N-1000, PW-2000, PRO2200 and NS2+ panels.