Chamberlain Professional Products Introduces New Wireless Communicator

Chamberlain Professional Products has announced the introduction of the Elite Wireless Communicator, a technologically advanced access control accessory that allows owners and installers to affordably expand their Elite Telephone Entry Systems to control up to 31 access devices wirelessly.

The Wireless Communicator includes a state-of-the-art wireless technology that is virtually immune to all RF interference and is compatible with the complete line of Elite RS-485 access control devices. In addition, Elite's unique and reliable communication technology provides an added measure of security, and the built in surge protector is rated for 10,000 volts and 6,000 amps.

The Wireless Communicator's low power requirements make it ideal for use in areas without nearby power sources. Also, the wireless unit eliminates the potential challenges with underground cable, such as corrosion, power line interference, failed junction box connections, and cut wires. It has a line of site range of 6,000 feet.

The unit is simple and effortless to install with the aid of unique built-in features, including the installation guide. In addition, the built-in, simple to use test mode quickly determines if a facility is "wireless friendly" before permanent installation.

The Elite Wireless Communicator will be available in January 2005 as a single unit (Model EWC485) or as a complete kit with two units (Model EWC4852). It will also work with generic Wiegand devices that use Elite's RS-485 translator board.

"We believe it is a great benefit to our customers that this product allows them to expand their systems at any time at an affordable price. The Elite Wireless Communicator is simple, easy, and all in one. It's everything you need to set up a wireless system," said Randall Planck, Marketing Manager, Telephone Entry and Access Controls, Chamberlain Professional Products. "This unit is a high-tech product; however, we have designed and engineered it to make installation and operation as simple as possible."