Amtel Announces New Universal Control Panel

Amtel has introduced a new TCP/IP control panel that offers features not available on most competitive panels even at twice the price. Named the XP/IP, this panel offers multiple connectivity options with TCP/IP, RS232, RS485. Modem and Wireless. The XP/IP offer two ports that can each accept RS232 & Wiegand interface so the panel can work with all security devices like biometrics, card readers and RFID readers, as well as devices from the POS and logistic industries. The panel comes with an 8-bit, 22MHz processor; memory for over 20,000 users and 3000 transactions buffer. It also provide supervisory inputs, relay outputs; lock status sense circuit; expansion ports for elevator control; interface for a 48 key touch type keypad and optional LCD display.

The TCP/IP connectivity allows this XP/IP panel to be easily added to any new or existing Ethernet network with remote download capability from any networked PC station, internet station, dial-up phone line or even a wireless port.

The XP/IP panel also comes with the option for mounting in a structured wiring environment that is the new standard in the new construction markets. Also the panel offers a unique cabling option that keeps all field wiring in place, with proper labeling, even when the main PC card is removed for service replacement.

A wide range of firmware programs are available with this XP/IP panel to meet the varying needs including access control, visitor screening, gate entry control, parking revenue control, RFID asset tracking control and GPS tracking. Corresponding software programs are available under the AMWTACH family to integrate all these systems in one seamless platform. The panel in being tested in the field with production availability scheduled for Q1, 2005.