SDC Offers New Entry Level Digital Lockset

New from Security Door Controls (SDC) is the EntryCheck E72-32, which is a stand-alone lockset designed for entry-level uses. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the EntryCheck E72-32 features a digital controller and can be installed in approximately 10 minutes. For management, the lockset features the ability to be programmed using the keypad, with 32 user codes of 3-10 digits; it also can be set up for temporary user codes, scheduled holidays, multiple management and user groups, manually activated passage and lockout modes and a first-manager-to-arrive function.

SDC builds this lock with a 16-button alphanumeric keypad, a weatherized die-cast housing, a clutch, and the unit comes with a choice of either a cylindrical or heavy duty mortise ANSI Grade 1 lockset. The lockset operates on four AA batteries, which are included.