DNP Links Smart Cards, Thin-Client Systems for Info Security

TOKYO (Nikkei)--Dai Nippon Printing Co. (7912) has developed software to increase the safety of personal identification systems and the like by linking a thin-client system and smart cards.

The software will be incorporated in MetaFrame Presentation Server, a thin-client system software developed by U.S. firm Citrix Systems Inc. and sold in Japan by Citrix Systems Japan KK.

Data on smart cards distributed to employees is verified against information stored on a server. The arrangement minimizes information leaks and the risk of having information copied, and boosts safety compared to ID and password systems used to date.

Dai Nippon Printing will market smarts cards to financial institutions that use thin-client systems, working together with Citrix Systems Japan. Dai Nippon Printing will aim for sales of 500 million yen over the next two years, with sales starting toward the end of June.