BSI2000 Announces Order from Major European Airport

DENVER -- BSI2000, Inc., a leading developer of integrated optical card-based systems and technology, announced that it has received an order for its Securus2000 entry/exit control system from the main airport of Stuttgart, Germany.

Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH is a major international airport serving almost 8 million passengers per year and nearly 90 airlines, with 400 take-offs and landings per day. Approximately 65,000 tons of airfreight passes through the airport each year.

This initial limited order is for the company's Securus2000 system, which will be used to protect a sensitive area of the airport complex. The sale was made by Helmut Eppel GmbH, the BSI2000 representative in Germany. Delivery in Stuttgart is expected in approximately six weeks.

BSI2000 President and CEO Jack Harper said, "I am pleased with this first order for our Securus2000 system that includes the new low cost Sentry2000(tm) optical card reader that we have been developing. The Stuttgart Airport is our first customer for Sentry2000."

Harper continued, "Our Homeland Security products are now placed in large airports in both the United States and Europe. We expect to announce shortly that an additional European airport is testing one of our systems."

The Lakewood, Colo.-based company announced in June that the Operations Division/Airport Security at Denver International Airport (DIA) is successfully using the company's Verus 2000 Green Card authentication system for on-site field trials.

BSI2000 announced development of the Sentry2000 optical card reader device on April 28. More information can be found at